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Dr. Prabhakar Hegde

General Physician

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Professional Statement
Dr. Prabhakar Hegde is a leading Consultant Physician with clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of Infectious diseases.Currently associated with NH Narayana Multispecialty Hospital (Bangalore), his specialization lies in management of infections in specific sub groups like Diabetes,Asthma and other immunocompromised states.Hypertension is a silent killer and a very important risk factor for heart,brain and kidney disease. Dr.Prabhakars area of expertise lies in diagnosis and management of essential hypertension and Patients with prolonged fevers of undetermined origin. He takes a great pride in the work he does.He is also a Member of Association of Physicians of India and The Indian Medical Association.
Location of Practice
In BDA Complex 43/AB, BDA Complex, 1st Floor, 6th Phase HSR Layout Bangalore 560102
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